Suspension mounts are perfect for hanging from a ceiling...over a bar, pool table, entry way, etc. These fiberglass replicas are dimensional on both sides and are painted a full 360 degrees, They are fully painted from any viewing angle. (In most situations there is a small hole in the tip of the dorsal fin and the tip of the tail fin to pass a thin cord or wire through for hanging purposes. In some cases there may be metal eyelets as opposed to holes depending upon the balance point of that specific mount)


To learn the difference between half mounts, full mounts, and suspension mounts check out this video.


Pricing depends on species, size, paintjob, and shipping zip code. Feel free to contact us for a quote.


The images below are samples of paintjobs that I have done in the past. Feel free to contact me through the order page with any custom requests.


60 inch Mahi

All sizes are labeled as the taxidermist provides them to us to avoid confusion. Measurements may be off by a few inches due to the fact that all of the fiberglass bodies are individually hand crafted. Each mount is individually hand airbrushed by two paintjobs are exactly the same insuring a truly unique custom piece of art!

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