Flamed Fish showcases the artwork of James "Jaymz" Kunzinger done on fiberglass fish mount replicas. Originally from Queens, NY, "Jaymz" relocated to Florida in 2002. He has been specializing in automotive airbrushed murals since 1993. After years and years of clients requesting his artwork in tattoo form, he finally gave in to the pressure...and so began the collision of the airbrush and tattoo worlds.


Main Airbrushing Site: www.triplesixartistry.com


Email: JaymzAir@aol.com


Phone/Text: (727) 639-2024


Showroom: Triple Six Artistry

11720 US Hwy 19, Suite 13, Port Richey, FL 34668


...please note, if you're calling or texting sometimes I am not able to answer immediately due to the fact that I may be in the spray booth painting or gloved up and in the middle of a tattoo. I always try to respond within a 24 hour period.

©2001 James Kunzinger, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED...violators will be sleepin' with the fishez!